CME Wire and Cable provides aluminum and copper wire/cable for the distribution and transmission utility markets. CME manufactures both overhead conductor and underground cables - including PILC.      H&A Coverage area is Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Southwest Missouri.H&A is also authorized to service select industrial and oil-field related customers in Texas.

ABG Bag, Inc. ABG Bag, Inc. makes heavy duty containment bags for single phase pole and pad mount transformers as well as transportation trays for three phase transformers. Both the disposable and repeated-use options are made from industrial fabric with lifting straps. ABG Bags are a safer and more environmentally friendly way to transport leaking transformers compared to simple plastic bags. They also provide Soil Remediation Bags (“Dirt Bags”) that are ideal for removing and transporting soil contaminated by a leaking unit as well as oil clean up kits ideal for truck stock. H&A coverage area is Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Southwest Missouri.

ACP International, based in Grand Prairie, TX manufactures labeling & safety products for Utility, Telecom, CATV, Pipeline, Government, and Commercial applications. From simple numerals to full custom solutions, ACP can handle almost any labeling application. With its offering of poly-domes and flexible line markers, ACP is the industry leader in marking buried infrastructure. H&A coverage area is Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Southwest Missouri.  

ERMCO - The Electric Research and Manufacturing Cooperative is a leading manufacturer of single phase and three phase poletop and padmount distribution transformers. Ermco is also a leading producer of transformer components including bayonet fuses. H&A coverage area is North Texas and parts of Oklahoma. 

Curlee Machinery Company specializes in aluminum mast arms and various mounting brackets for lighting fixtures on wood, concrete, steel, and fiberglass poles. Our arms meet ANSI Spec C136.13. H&A coverage area is Texas, Oklahoma and Southwest Missouri.    

​​ProMetallic is a steel strand manufacturer with a heavy focus on customer service, allowing them to provide high carbon guy and messenger wire at a competitive price in a timely manner. H&A Coverage area is New Mexico, Oklahoma, Southwest Missouri, Arkansas & Texas.

ALLTEC’s TerraFill backfill compound produces lower steady state and stable grounding impedance, resulting in a reliable, low resistance, electrical connection between the grounding system and the earth. TerraFill is a worker friendly low-dust solution for utilities in windy areas with rocky terrain.  H&A coverage area is Texas, Oklahoma & New Mexico.

Aluma-Form specializes in innovative, custom-engineered overhead utility and communications solutions. Aluma-Form offers industry-leading products for the electric utility and communications industries. Customers recognize Aluma-Form products for their unique designs, high quality, fair prices, and the superior customer service that accompanies each one. H&A  coverage area is Texas & Oklahoma.


GridBridge an ERMCO Subsidiary specializing in Edge-of-Grid Technologies. By combining the functionalities of a regulator, capacitor, and power quality meter, in a remote controllable unit on the secondary side of a transformer, the Grid Energy Router gives utilies a new level of granularity in controlling their system. Applications include flat lining voltage to customers, local load control, load shedding, solar smoothing, and harmonic distortion restoration.H&A coverage area is North Texas and parts of Oklahoma.

Laminated Wood Systemsis the world’s leading supplier of engineered laminated wood structures and structure augmentation products to the electric utility and telecommunication industries. Laminated Wood poles are a drillable cost effective solution in applicatoins where guywire is not feasible. LWS’s structure augmentation products - including the Vault Reinforcer, Phase Raiser, Pole Enforcer and Pole Reclassifier - are creative solutions that are cost and outage savers for utilities. H&A coverage area is Texas (Excluding El Paso) & Oklahoma.

​​​Heritage Plastics is a Weatherford TX based manufacturing subsidiary of Atkore International. Heritage specializes in the production of rigid non-metallic PVC conduit and fittings. Heritage is known especially for their “deep bells” which greatly simplifies installation.  H&A coverage area is all of Texas, Oklahoma and Southwest Missouri.

​​NEPTCO , a Chase Corporation Company is the manufacturer of the original MuleTape Pulling System. Light enough to be blown into conduit, sequentially marked, and strong enough to be used as the pull line for “million” cable, MuleTape sets the industry standard in cable pulling. H&A coverage area is Texas (Excluding El Paso) & Oklahoma.

Prysmian (Draka) is an industry leading manufacturer of ADSS, & other fiber optic products utilized by the electric utility industry. With US production based in Hickory, North Carolina, Prysmian is the only domestic manufacturer to both draw glass and cable finished products under the same roof. H&A coverage area is Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico & Southwest Missouri.

​​​Hawrylak & Associates, LLC

Electrical Manufacturer's Representative

TE Connectivity is a materials science company specializing in producing materials that both make and protect connections. H&A represents TE Connectivity's Energy Division which can be broken down into three categories: Ampact Connector System, Underground Cable Accessories, Wildlife/Asset Protection.  H&A coverage area is Texas & Oklahoma.

Mosdorfer is the world’s largest supplier of transmission hardware. Mosdorfer manufactures products to support conductor, insulators, OPGW, and other transmission materials. Mosdorfer also provides vibration dampers and distribution formed wire products.  H&A coverage area is Texas.